Tuesday, July 14, 2009

...And still more rain!

We were brave and hung up a couple loads of wash on the line this afternoon when the sky looked clear, but it only got re-soaked when an unexpected, quick moving rain cloud came over during chores and soaked everything in sight (including the boys who were out getting the cows in at the time)! At least the clothes will smell really nice when they're dry. :)

This morning, right in the middle of a big rain-shower, a guy from Grand Forks came to pick up the 2 turkey toms he had paid for about 3 months ago. Dad and Andrew were both here at the time and so they caught the toms and put them in the cage for the gentleman. He seemed really nice, and wanted the turkeys so his grandchildren can feed them, so I think they'll have a good home.

Later in the morning, some friends of ours came from Bismarck to get some farm products for their pets. We visited with them for a while before lunch, so our noon meal ended up being rather late in the day!

My dad went to Aberdeen today to take the "Dead" tractor motor to the place where he got the new one for the 1086. He had a good journey and, on the way back, he stopped in at our friend, Shirley's house to get the tall antenna that we're buying from her for our 2-way radio system. We bought the radios at her auction sale earlier this year, but the antenna wasn't on the sale, so Dad talked to Shirley about buying it now and she said, "Yes", as she really doesn't have any use for it anymore.

Mother and I worked on clothes again most of the afternoon and, while she was busy putting things in her closet and getting things in bags to donate, I worked on cutting up the large pile of clothes to be used for shop rags. I filled 1 1/2 bags, so that should last the guys a while!

Other than that, the boys worked in the shop some; Andrew worked on his "Thank yous" some; Jacob played with our old toys in the basement some; and we cleaned up some. It was a good day... :)

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