Monday, July 27, 2009

Whacker Schmacker?

Jacob is sitting here beside me and thought that this was a good title for this post... See, I was running our weed whacker (the whacker schmacker :) this afternoon until it ran out of gas. He mixed up some more fuel for me and filled it up so I could finish going around the flower tubs; in front of the flower bed; and around the apple trees. Everything looks so nice when it's trimmed up, although after using the "Whacker" for a while, your hands seems to vibrate for a few minutes afterwards!

Mother, Jacob & I weeded our long, side flower bed this morning which took a while. We have some peas planted in the back of the flower bed too, (so that we can pick some on the way out to the mailbox each day,) so we had to be extra careful with those plants.

I made a batch of fresh bread this afternoon and then made a pizza crust out of some of the dough. Mom and I cut up a bunch of vegetables and we had a very yummy veggie pizza! Dad and Andrew just got home from the hayfield, so I need to go put the rest of the pizza on the table for them...

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