Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A good day for--"Fixing" a deck?

We woke up this morning to the wonderful sound of raindrops falling on the roof. I believe everyone sighed a sigh of relief upon waking, as rain meant that there would be no haying going on today...

But, what do you do with a rain day?
Well, in between rain showers, the guys worked on taking the dilapidated railing off of our deck and hauling it over to our burn area to burn later on in the day. We ladies took several pictures of their progress as they worked.
Here's a picture of the railing that was rotting and not worth trying to repair... I'm afraid the cats will miss their teeter-totter board, but that's just too bad!

...and here's another picture of our sorry looking deck further down... (the last big windstorm we had made this mess.)
Dad got out his handy saw and took the railing off. :)
Then the guys cut out some boards in the floor that were rotting and put some new boards in, so now it's safe to walk on the deck once more. Hooray! Now we'll have to find some time to stain and varnish the deck floor some day before winter... It is so nice to be able to look out the kitchen window now and not see that mess out there anymore!!! Thanks so much for all your work, guys!
When we weren't taking pictures, Mother and I were cleaning out things that we wanted to burn along with the deck railing. As long as we were looking for garbage, we decided to organize things too, so tonight, our cookbook rack and other such things look much neater than they did this morning.
Supper time came around and we decided to roast some all-beef hot-dogs and marshmallows on our "Campfire." Mother was juice fasting, so she decided to go over to two of our neighbors (to give them the rest of my grandma's clothes to go through and use if they like) while the rest of us enjoyed our supper immensely!
Just as we headed out to the barn, it started to rain again. A gorgeous rainbow appeared in the sky and Andrew ran to the house for my camera and got some really pretty pictures. Unfortunately, the rainbow was too large to get the whole thing on one picture! This is my favorite of the pictures Andrew took as, if you look closely, you can see some of our milk cows grazing way at the bottom of the photo... Isn't God THE best artist you've ever seen?

Well, that was our busy day. I just love days like this when we have time to work on out-of-the-ordinary type projects!

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