Thursday, July 30, 2009

A not so beautiful thing...

Why do people continually stray from God's perfect plan for their lives? Why can we not love each other and care for each other the way God intended? I know--it is because we are all sinners... I just wish we weren't and that we could stop sinning, but no matter how hard we try, we know we can never be completely perfect on this earth. There was and is only One who ever was without fault. I'm so grateful that the Lord is so merciful towards us when we ask His forgiveness!

I've been thinking these kinds of thoughts this afternoon, after hearing the terrible news that my dad and brother learned while at the local equipment dealer/parts store (Titan Machinery)... I guess our neighbor's hired man's wife left him about a week ago--I'm not sure why. This morning, our neighbor tried calling his hired man on the phone but got no answer. He then went to the hired man's place, only to find the man dead... He had committed suicide sometime this morning!

I've tried to imagine what his wife must be feeling tonight, (as far as I know, they weren't divorced, just separated.) Is she blaming herself for what happened? How is she going to explain to her little children what happened today to their daddy? It's all just too sad to think about for long... Please join me in praying for the remainder of this family~

My family & I got various odd jobs accomplished in this day. The guys fixed the baler with the parts that came in at Titan and then helped our landlady, Fern get a new couch moved in and they brought her old one home and burned it. The old couch was stained and the springs poked you in the back when you sat on it, so we decided that the burn pile was the best place for it...

I picked about half of the broccoli from our garden this afternoon and Mom and I were busy with it the rest of the day. Here's a picture of the broccoli, soaking in salt water so as to be rid of any little green worms that might be hiding amongst the branches of our "Miniature trees".
We also got our 57 Holstein yearlings out in a new part of the pasture by the farm here, so they're happy tonight. Now hopefully we can keep them all in the fence!

I think the best part of the day was when we went for a family walk this morning--through the garden; over to get the mail; and then over to the raspberry patch to pick and enjoy several plump berries.

Life is so good. I treasure it so much and just don't understand why someone would decide to end their life?


Rachel said...

That is so sad Cora Beth! I will be keeping them in my prayers for sure!

I am glad you were able to get so much broccoli! Yuck! I don't like little worms either! Lol! =;) Ahhh, a nice walk sounds good to me right now...I've been shut up in the house for too long! =:D


Rachel said...

P.S. - I posted some more of my cake pictures on Cake Central if you'd like to see them...they are from my parents 25th Anniversary recently. My first time with a tiered cake and making swags! It turned out better than it looks in the pictures actually. =;) He He! How often do you make cakes? Do you do it as a business or just for fun or what? I only make cakes for my family now (unless I get a request from someone I know), but I used to have an in-home business. =:)


Cora Beth said...

Dear Rachel,
Thanks once again for your comments!

Your cake looks VERY nice! Great job on making the swags even! (I left a comment on your cake telling you about my disasterous experience with tiered cakes.)

I make cakes whenever I get a call for them. :) I started cake decorating a couple years ago and "Business" has slowly been picking up as the word gets out that I bake and decorate cakes. This Spring/Summer has been much busier with cakes than any of last year was, so that's been fun. Some of the cakes have even been for people I don't know now--so it's spreading beyond just our friend's business. :)

Thanks too for your nice comment on one of my cakes at Cake Central... I'm working on posting my recipes there so you can view them when they're up. The butter recipe is my favorite.

Blessings on your day and hopefully you'll have time for a walk!