Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's amazing what wind can do!

As I strolled through the garden this morning--seeing how things had fared with the huge windstorm and quick rain shower that came through last night, I found some sorry looking plants...

Then there were those plants that looked as though they enjoyed the refreshing "Breeze"...
We're very grateful that strong winds and rain is all we received though, as it could have been a lot worse if the hail that they'd been talking of had come! "Thank you, Lord, for sparing us!"

While I was out with my camera, I decided to take some pictures of our flowers. The pink flowers here are Snapdragons and the blue ones are Lobelia. The sticks you can see sticking up are so that our cats and dog stay out of the pot. In years past, they've decided that the pot was a comfortable place to curl up into--flowers or no flowers!

This is some of what's blooming in our front flower bed...
...And these cute Petunias are surrounded with the ever-growing Runner Beans that I planted there this Spring. My plan was for the beans to wind up the yard-light pole, but so far all they're long enough to wind around is the hogs-head barrel!

And that brings us to the end of my morning garden/flower bed tour in pictures!

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Anonymous said...

I am happy to report to your readers that I just came in from an inspection of the garden. The sunflowers are once again standing straight up and the corn is making a very noble attempt to do so also. Everything else looks as though it will survive the blows from the storm but may take a few more days to get "Back on it's feet."
A million thanks to you, Cora Beth, for taking the time to spray on the Sonic Bloom this morning. I can HARDLY WAIT TO SEE THE AFFECTS OF IT!!!
Love always,