Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's nice when long days come to an end!

Dear readers,

It seemed like our family was going in every which direction today and it is so nice to all be under the same roof once again! God has blessed us with safety through all our adventures and we are so grateful!

Let me tell you a bit about our day...

My dad and Andrew left right away in the morning for the hayfield, as they had equipment to fix before they could start baling... That left Mother, Jacob & I for chores, which really isn't a problem now days, except for when the neighbor calls your mother right before she comes out to the barn and says that your cows are out in his hay field!!! Yup, they were. I helped with chores until just the goats were left to milk, and then I headed up to the pasture in Andrew's fencing vehicle, the Ram. Mom and Jacob had to get going to Bismarck, as they had appointments to keep, so it was just me against the cows. After chasing the apprx. 30 cows back and forth a couple times, (and after taking the fence down and putting it back up when they ran right by it and didn't go over it,) they finally found the gate I had opened for them and went in. I had to fix the fence in a couple places and then headed for home. I was just in time to meet Mother and Jacob heading for town. I gave them the cell phone and they quickly left me in a cloud of dust.

Once home again, I started in on the project of baking a large (14"x22") carrot cake for an anniversary of some friends of ours. I had just gotten everything mixed together well and was pouring the batter into the pan when the phone rang...

"Hello Cora, this is Dad. Ah, what are you up to?"

(Me speaking...) "Well, I was just getting ready to put my cake in the oven, why?"

(My dad again...) "I was on my way home on Andrew's motorcycle, when it died."

(Me...) "Oh oh, and you'd like me to come pick you up?"

(Papa...) "That would be nice!"

So, I popped my cake in the oven; set the timer for an hour and a half; went out and put gas in the Ram and climbed back into Andrew's somewhat-trusty vehicle for a 7 mile journey to the West. Actually, it was only about a 6 mile journey, as my dad had started walking already and was about a mile East of the bike when I got to him.

On the way home, we took a short detour up to the pasture to check on the cows. We were pleasantly surprised to see that they were behaving themselves! When we got home, my cake still had an hour to go, so Dad asked if I'd help him get bales in. He looked at the time on his cell phone (so he'd know when I'd have to come in and check on my cake) and we headed out.

My dad drove the tractor and loaded the big square bales onto the back of the white truck that I was driving around to wherever the bales were. We got one load in before I had to go check on my cake. It needed a few more minutes, so I did some dishes in the meantime and Dad put some gas in the truck. Then I took the cake out and we went back out to the field, although I had to return after the next load to take the cake out of the pan!

We worked in the field for about 3 hours and got all 111 bales off (I could haul 10 at a time). Now Dad just has to stack them all up neatly...

By the time we got in, it was 6:30, so I made some supper quick and Mom and Jacob pulled in just in time to join us in our hurried meal. Then Jacob & I worked on chores while our parents went to get Andrew's motorcycle home--which they managed to do with no new problems. :)

Andrew got home just before dark---hungry; tired; and happy! Yes, happy.... He is now the proud owner of a very nice pickup, but I won't say anymore, as I'm sure he'll want to tell you about it sometime in the near future. :)

As I was thinking tonight about our busy day, I remembered a song that used to be my brother's and my favorite song to sing around the place. We heard it on a computer game we had bought for Jacob when he was 4 years old or so and liked it so much that it didn't take long to memorize it! Here are the words to "The farm song":

"Well, we're up with the sun and out in the fields,
Raising up the crops for their highest yields,
Plowing and a plantin' and a balin' up a storm_____
It's a great big job when you're workin' on a farm!

Got a tractor out here and it's working all day,
A pullin' and a pushin' and a towin' things away,
Then it's in from the fields and back to the barn_______
It's a great big job when you're workin' on a farm!

'Cause you gotta be big, and you gotta' be quick,
And you gotta watch out that the plow doesn't stick,
And you gotta be tough, and you gotta be strong________
'Cause this is one big job that lasts a whole year long!

In the Spring we plow, in the Summer we grow,
In the Autumn we harvest it--row by row,
In the Winter we've got to keep the animals warm______
It's a great big job when you're workin' on a farm!

(chorus again...)

I wish you could hear the melody of this song too, as it's very cute and has some neat harmony, but alas, this song is not on U-Tube. :(

Well, I need to get some sleep.

Until the next break in farm life,


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