Friday, July 10, 2009

Spraying on a Certified Organic farm?

This morning after chores, while the dew was still on the roses, I sprayed Sonic Bloom (Organic nutrients made from sea weed; amino acids and other such things) throughout the entire garden. It took about 2 hours to get through all the plants. Mother took some pictures of me from the window, so I have a couple to post here... This sprayer worked really well, as I was able to mix up 2 1/2 gallons of the nutrients and water and that was enough for about half the garden. The little nozzle at the end of the hose tilts at an angle, so I was easily able to spray the bottom sides of the leaves--where the plant can absorb the nutrients best.
I had a little left over at the end, so sprayed the apple trees too. When I was trying to spray the top of the tree, I got covered in a fine mist of the nutrients and Jacob said that maybe I'll start growing again now too! :)
This afternoon, we had some company... Our land lady, Fern called and said that her daughter was in North Dakota with 2 of her children and could they all come out to the farm for a couple hours? We said, "Sure," so they came around 4:00. Karris and Cara went out to jump on the trampoline with Jacob... ...and Fern and her daughter, Joyce had tea with Mom and visited. I would have joined them, but I was busy in the kitchen, decorating my grandpa's 80th birthday cake...
Mother and Andrew raked hay today and Andrew learned how to drive the big square baler, as my dad was hauling grain and then had some appointments in Linton this afternoon. Dad took over baling when he got home so the rest of us could do chores. Then something broke on the baler, so he had to stop around 8:00 and, as it was supper time (plus he needs to buy parts!), he decided to deal with the baler another day.

I read this poem in my devotional, "Harmony for the Heart" the other day and thought I'd share it with you now. Hopefully we can all remember better each day to give our burdens to the Lord--right away, as He is able to take care of them so much better than we ever can!

"The Package"

Tonight I bring you a package, Lord,
A package labeled FUTURE.
It's big,
It's black, and Lord,
It's heavy.

Sometimes I notice rustlings,
Muffled thumps--
--From within the well-tied sides.
And worry, "What can they mean?"
This package, Lord,
I've dragged all day.
Now the stars twinkle;
And I shudder to think
Of sleeping with it on my back.
"O God! Please take my burden.
It will not drop.
It must be anchored to my back
With thongs of my own weaving.
But Lord, You speak!
It will obey Your voice."
He speaks.
The bundle slides and drops--
Beside Christ's feet.
He stoops
And picks it up.
With gentle eyes,
And Father-love in His voice
He says,
"My daughter,
You could have asked at sunrise."

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Dawn said...

Oh Cora,
Thank you soooo much for sharing that poem!!!! How true it is! Where did you find it?
Blessing you richly,