Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Prairie Rose~

...by Clell G. Gannon
"Oh, sing me the song of the prairie rose,
That sweetens the air of June, *
And gladdens the heart wherever it grows
With its wealth of beauty, as I suppose
Conveyed in its rich perfume.

And sing of the rain as it patters down, **
The bud and the thorny stalks---
Of the wind as it passes skyward bound,
And scatters perfume in the world around
To gladden our country walks.

Of a bee that came in a gentle swoom,
With pollen over its legs,
Of a bird that warbled an eerie tune,
As it fashioned a nest beneath your bloom
Where it laid three speckled eggs.

Then tell me the tale of the pioneer,
Since you must have known it best,
How he came and settled the prairies here
Where the perfume graces the atmosphere
And travels across the West;

And bloom till the reach of the prairies all
Are starred with your dainty stain,
And until the gods of the summer call***
All the hot winds out and your petals fall
And wither upon the plain.

And bloom on for aye in the prairie grass,
And bloom in the upturned sod.
As you were the first, you shall be the last,
A sign for the Future and all the Past,
And a message fresh from God."

*It sweetens the July air too!
**We had 1.4 inches of rain today! PTL~
***There is only 1 God--the true and living God!

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