Friday, July 17, 2009

Would you have liked my job today?

It was noon.
Andrew had already headed over to the hay field with a tractor and round baler earlier on in the morning, so it was just the four of us sitting around the dining room table. There was a job that needed doing this afternoon and the discussion was about who should do it... My dad had cultivating to do over by Hazelton; my mom had a friend coming at 2:00; Jacob is a little young yet; so I volunteered... The job was to drive our 1486 tractor--pulling the big square baler, over to the field where Andrew was (about 17 miles SW of here.) Driving tractor has never been my favorite job and I had never driven this tractor before, so my dad gave me some instructions before he left. As soon as we had Andrew's lunch packed up, I headed for hay-land in my new wheels...

Here I was trying to look brave. :)

The tractor, baler and I made it all in one piece, (or, 3 pieces, rather) and without difficulties, so it went well.

After Andrew came and ate his lunch, I sat in the tractor and read for a long time until Mother and Jacob came to pick me up. When we got home, we cleaned the house in record time and made a lot of tomorrow we ladies aren't going to be here! My friend of 19 years is getting married tomorrow in Fargo (Tamera, it's Kjersti who's getting married!) and the guys are doing the chores so Mom & I can go. I'm so excited!!! I'll try to get some pictures, but my camera's been acting up lately, so we'll see.

Tomorrow is a special day for another reason... It will be one year since we got our dog, Millie! She was SO cute when she was small, although I must admit I like her temperament and manners better now than back then. :) Here's Millie and I a year ago:
And this is what she looks like nowadays... Ah, she's the one on the right. :)

Well, I need to get to bed and try to sleep. :) Weddings are always so exciting...


Tamera said...

How exciting about the wedding.

Tell Kjersti we think of her often!

Kimberly said...

Good job on driving the tractor. I wouldn't want to either.

Have fun today at the wedding!