Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Quick update...

It was sunny out most of the afternoon, so we did various and assorted outside tasks.

It was too wet for the guys to work on hay, but they had other things to occupy their time with, such as the two semis that came for our Certified Organic oats from last year. The grain is going to Grain Millers Inc. in Iowa. Jacob took these pictures for me...
He really liked this truck:
Here my dad (in the white shirt) is talking to the truckers--guys that the grain-milling people hired to pick up the oats. I guess they made quite the pair of truckers... The one could barely back his truck up to where it needed to be and the other couldn't climb up the ladder to clean the truck out or to shovel the oats around to the edges of the trailer. But, with our guys' help, they got the job done. One of them will be coming back on Monday, I think, to get the last load.

Mother spent most of the day in Bismarck, running errands; doing sessions; and going to the Chiropractor's office for an adjustment. She also went to Sam's Club and came home with a nice assortment of fruit. I can almost taste the fresh pineapple that's sitting on our counter tonight!

I spent most of my day choring; cooking; cleaning up after cooking; gardening; mowing the new lawn; cooking; and choring. I talked to Mother on the phone a few times in between there as we were trying to decide what to get for my friend's wedding present and for my grandpa Earl's 80th birthday gift (his party is on Sunday.)

Now, I should get this posted and write a quick e-mail yet to a certain Texas friend of mine, now that's she's down south again. :)

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Tamera said...

We know all about questionable truckers, he he he.

A couple of Sundays ago, this guy came to pick up the combine that Dana sold, and he brought a trailer that he had never used before!

Dana ended up helping him ALL DAY! It was a little irritating.

At least he and his wife were very nice.