Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bad roads.

I got home late tonight, as there was about an inch of new snow on the road, plus there was more blowing across the top of it, so it was very hard to see anything! It was also a long night at work as everyone needed something at the same time it seemed. One neat part though was that I saw a picture of my dear, life-long friend, Kjersti, on one of my favorite resident's bulletin boards. I learned then that Kjersti had helped J. when J. was still living at home. As they say, "It's a small world."

Since I've started working in town, I've met a lot of local people and so it's neat, when doing errands, to run into people I know, or at least recognize!

Lets see... Today, I went to the post office and saw one person who visits at the nursing home and one person who works in the office there. Then I went to the gas station and pulled up opposite a guy who used to work at Wolf's farm equipment and who I see at the nursing home occasionally. A car pulled up behind him and it was Rose and her husband--friends of ours from the days when we sold cream, and also visitors (and Rose volunteers) at the nursing home. I went inside to pay my gas bill and a lady who works at the nursing home occasionally waited on me, and the other person inside the station was a young man whose mom works at the care center. Upon going back out to my car, another of my coworkers greeted me as she was going inside. Then I went to the bank and, after going through the drive through and turning back onto the main road, I saw a lady who works in activities, and we waved. Next, I turned off the main road and saw a lady walking--one of the kitchen ladies, and we waved. I got closer to the nursing home and one of the maintenance men was getting the mail, and we waved.

It's just a nice feeling to know that you're amongst friends instead of strangers!

Then, I got home and found my parents waiting up for me. :)


Lauren Nicole said...

It's always nice to see familiar faces, friends for that matter :)

Dawn Bornemann said...

Dearest Cora,
Your cheerful heart and lovely smile have brightened MANY a lonely soul's day, I am sure. I am so honored that you come home to me and that you are "My" girl. :)
I am so happy for you to have so many friends in Napoleon! You are such a dear that people love you no matter where you go!!!!! Keep waving and smiling that lovely smile of yours!
Your happy-for-you mom