Friday, January 28, 2011

Decluttering; decobwebbing; and blueberry muffins~

Friday is always our house cleaning day, and this was no exception. :) I got my room back in order (I still had a cake mess.......) and used "Old English" polish on my piano, making it look nearly new. While Mother worked on scrubbing pots and pans, I took our nice, multi-colored spiderweb remover brush and, well, did just that----removed spiderwebs that somehow have a way of building up when you aren't looking! Mother made blueberry muffins later in the day, while I swept and vacuumed the floor.

Meanwhile, the guys were having tractor troubles, again. Dad brought two loads of hay home and then he and my brothers worked together to get the 9030 (either a hose broke or an O-ring did, they're not sure yet) in the shop, which was a challenge, as they couldn't start it up, as it would pump oil out very quickly if they did. The guys had to then use the big red tractor (without a loader) to unload the semi-load of square bales. I'll let them tell you about that though.

Oh yes, one more adventure of the day was when Jacob had to pull our mailman's vehicle out, after he walked into our yard with the tidings that he got stuck! At least he had a tow-rope along. :)

It was a busy day and, after all the work was done, we watched a movie Andrew had picked up at the library. It was called, "Searching for Bobby Fischer" and was about a boy who turned out to be a champion chess player (at the age of 7), and the kinds of trials he went through, but how love (and talent, of course) conquered in the end..... It was a pretty good movie, not Christian but had good morals and the little boy, Josh, had great character.

And now I will leave you with a thought from my daily calendar, as I used to do:

"God's grace keeps pace with whatever we face."

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