Monday, January 10, 2011


Our whole family went to Bismarck today and, after making a stop at Sam's Club and the FedEx building, Dad dropped the rest of us off at Mom's office building and went to run more errands.

While he was gone, we cut the fabric for the wall-divider and stapled it on the 5 long pieces of wall-sections (the guys built these a while back), and then stapled fabric onto the door (also built by said guys.) The wall actually has two different floral fabrics on it, one on each side, to make each room unique. Andrew and I (mostly Andrew, I guess, as I just handed him things) put the hinges on the pieces of wall once they were finished, and then the guys lifted it upright and put it in place. It looks REALLY nice and makes a difference in the sound level in the room, which was our main goal, so people in the waiting room can't hear what's being said in the session room. Mother, Jacob & I took LOTS of pictures, but they're all on her I-Pod currently, so I'm not sure when they'll be put on the computer so they can be shared with you....

I just read a thought-provoking blog post about holding/not holding grudges, written by an e-friend of mine, "Cora", and thought I'd point it out to you all. Go visit Cora at: A Cool Clean Rain.

And now, even though it's relatively early yet, I'm going to bid you goodnight, as a new book I ordered (The Lost Art of True Beauty by Leslie Ludy) came in the mail today and I can't wait any longer to start reading it!

So, farewell, my dear readers~

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Anonymous said...

Boy am I ever out of touch--I didn't even know that you ordered a new book--sounds like a good one!
Sleep well,