Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thank God for brothers!

I had a bit of an adventure on my way to work in town today. Let me tell you about it...

My dad had dug the old car (the one I drove all Spring, Summer and Fall) out of the snowbank; put air in the tires; scraped the ice off the windshield and made sure it was running so that I could take it to work. My parents and Andrew were going to Bismarck with the van (what I usually drive in Winter weather), and the roads were good enough to take a 2-wheel drive vehicle out on them safely. Soooo, around 1:00 this afternoon, I hopped in the car and headed South through Kintyre. When I was driving slow on the gravel, I had no problems, but once I got on the other side of Kintyre and tried speeding up, the car would only go 40 MPH. Then it started chugging...

"Oh dear," thought I, "I'm running out of gas!"

As the fuel gauge doesn't work on that car, I keep track of how much gas is in the tank by how many times I've driven into town. I was pretty sure there was still a good deal of gas in there when I quite driving the car, but, well, maybe not?

It was one of those moments when you're very grateful to have a cell-phone along with you AND that your little brother had a cold and so had stayed home (a very rare occasion.) I called Jacob up and asked him to quickly hop into Andrew's pickup and bring me some gas, if we had any.... Thankfully, we did. Jacob rounded up a funnel and two gas jugs and came to my rescue. We put about 5 gallons of gas in the car and then I tried driving it a ways again, but it just wasn't working right. So, Jacob and I traded vehicles and I hurried to town, being only 2 minutes late. I called Jacob later to make sure he got home safe and he said he made it to the driveway before the car quit on him and wouldn't start up again. Andrew started it later and says he thinks the fuel filter is needing a change, or something like that.

I was just praising God over and over for having Jacob be home today when I needed him! :)


Sonja said...

That is a blessing! Praise God!

Cora said...

Everyone says they feel sorry because I'm the only girl with 3 (sometimes 6) brothers. I say, "Why? They take such good care of me!" I'm glad your brothers do, too. :)

Kyrie said...

That's sweet Cora! And yes, the Lord was gracious when He invented brothers ;) ! I've got a story very similar to this one I should tell you some time - only, since I don't have blood-kin brothers, the Lord provided some brothers-in-Christ to help me out with my car um, *clears throat* misshap :] .



P.S. Thank you so much for the thoughtful comment you left me the other day! It was such an encouragment!