Monday, January 3, 2011

Sparkling diamonds, falling stars, and lasagna...

On my way home from work tonight, the snow on the road was sparkling so prettily that I felt like I was driving on diamonds. Then a star went shooting across the sky, and I praised God for His beauty.

It was kind of a funny thing today--for some reason this morning I thought about the nursing home, knowing I'd be going to work today, and wondered if they ever made lasagna for their residents. (Don't ask me why I thought of that, as I don't know.) Well, today at nearly 2:00, I walked in the door there; stomped the snow off of my boots; walked over to the dining room and read on the sign: "SUPPER~ Lasagna, garlic bread, corn, cookie." How funny is that?

Then, on the way home, I got really thirsty--for apple juice. (Every night at snack time at the N. H., we pass out fruit, pudding, crackers, etc... and apple juice, so perhaps pouring all that juice made me thirsty for it, I don't know.) When I walked in the entryway, I seemed to even smell apple juice, but realized my imagination was running away with me. I went further in the house then, but my Lady needed to go outside, so I headed back out to the entryway. As I was waiting for her to finish her business, I smelled apple juice again, a stronger scent of it this time, and then I noticed the steam juicer sitting on the freezer. It was still warm and contained a batch of fresh apple sauce and juice! Delicious! :)

I love God's sense of humor, don't you?


Rachel Beth said...

Cora, it must have been a beautiful sight - the sparkling snow and shooting star!

Sonja said...

He sure does, Cora Beth! :-) Sounds like it's beautiful up there!

Cora said...

I love it when that happens!

I also love the winter frosts and the stars. Anyone who says the Lord isn't creative and artistic didn't see either of those wonders.

You stay warm, also! :)

Kyrie said...

I love it when things like that happen to me ;) ! I think the Lord really does enjoy making us smile - just for the fun of it - because He can! Thanks for sharing these little 'happenings' with us!