Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A good mail day!

It was a good day here, all around!

For one thing, Dad got the car fixed (it was the fuel filter).

Also, the guys put in our new DISH-washing machine (Mother's birthday present from Dad)!

Here the boys are putting their heads together, almost literally, trying to figure out the best way to install the fancy present...

Ah hah! It works like a dream. We haven't had use of a dishwasher for a few years now, so we feel very spoiled and blessed. :)
Oh yes, I was going to tell you about our good mail day!

  • I got paid for some babysitting I did (that's always nice.)
  • We got another Holiday letter/picture from friends (that's always nice.)
  • Mother received a belated birthday gift from a dear friend of hers (that's always nice. :) )

... It can either be worn as a pin or a necklace and it has a girl and two boys on it--
with our correlating birthstones even!
AND Mom and I received a package from my Aunt LV, containing: 5 hats that she'd crocheted!

AND a set for each of us of a hat, scarf, and fingerless mittens, made of very soft yarn! She thanked me for getting her started on knitting when they were here for Thanksgiving and said she's having a blast learning more from the book she bought on the subject. :) WOW! We were so surprised! Aunt LV also shared her pattern for making the hats, so if anyone is interested, I can share that here too...

These next two pictures are from New Years day, when we played a game of "Carcassonne".
Has anyone else played this game?
Well, I've run out of pictures, so I'll bid you good night and get some sleep. That is, if I can get to sleep with that owl hooting and the dogs barking/howling. (It's so nice out tonight that Lady stayed outside with Millie.)


Rachel Beth said...

How nice! :)

I've never played "Carcassonne" - actually I haven't heard of it before but from your picture it really looks interesting!

Jess and I received some new board games recently from our uncle and aunt and we've had fun playing them. :)

Lots of love,

Andrew B. said...

"New Washing Machine" ? You meen Dish Washing Machine? ;-)
Andrew B.

Cora Beth said...

Um, yes Andrew! Exactly... :)

Kimberly said...

Dish washers are GREAT!!!!! I hardly wash anything by hand now.

The hats are lovely. You look very nice in your hat, scarf, and fingerless elegant!

Blessings to you!

The K. Family said...

No, we haven't played Carcassonne but I visited a castle in Carcassonne, France years ago. Is it named after that area?

Cora Beth said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! I LOVE hearing from you. :)

Krahn Family~
Yes, according to the game box:
"Carcassonne. The Southern French city of Carcassonne was founded on an important trade route between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. Because of its strategic location, the city was often conquered and has known many rulers. As a result of this varied history, the city is famous for its unique mixture of Roman and Medieval fortifications."

It must have been a wonderful experience visiting a castle!!!