Friday, January 21, 2011

Cake, cake, and, well, cake!

My day was spent in baking and decorating, baking and decorating, and decorating some more... I have a case of decorators' wrist tonight, but am hoping it goes away by morning when I start decorating some more. :)

I did get 2 cakes finished.

This one is for two of our little neighbor children who celebrate their birthdays close together. Their mommy came over to pick it up and she had their new baby along, so Mom and I enjoyed a slight break in our work and played with the baby while her mommy ran over to some other neighbors to pick up her other son. (I think Mom took pictures on her camera, but they're not loaded on the computer yet so, consequently, I can't post them yet.)

I made this cake for my dad's cousin, Jerome, whose birthday was today. My parents have invited him here for a birthday meal tomorrow, so Mom asked me to make him a cake (plus she paid for the ingredients! :) ) Jerome is in the middle of lambing right now, so I thought sheep on his birthday cake would be most appropriate!

I also got the wedding cakes baked: 2-14 inch; 2-10 inch; and 2-6 inch cakes. Then I assembled them; crumb-coated them; iced them and started working on the Cornelli lace.... Tomorrow I'll be putting the roses on, so I'd appreciate prayers for that to go well-----and I'd be glad for any advice that a reader may have about how to get large roses to stay up on the side of a cake?


Rachel Beth said...

What great cakes, Cora and I'm sure the wedding cake will turn out wonderfully! Can't wait to see pictures.

Lots of love

Rachel said...

I hear you about that decorator's wrist issue Cora Beth...I feel your pain. ;) Praying for you today that God helps you and allows things to go smoothly on the wedding cake as well as helps your hands to feel better!

But these two cakes are so sweet! Love the sheep one...too cute! :D HeHe!

About the roses, um, besides just the icing, I haven't really heard of anything. But I know toothpicks can be used to attach them and hold them on, so maybe that would work? You'd just have to make sure to either let the people cutting the cake know or you would have to take them off or something at the wedding. Other than that, I have no idea how well they'd stick to the cake by just putting a dab of icing on. :( Hope you can figure something out dear! I'll be praying for that too that God gives you wisdom on how to make it work. :) I know it will turn out beautifully! :D Hugs!

Love and Prayers!

The K. Family said...

I know Naomi has had a hard time with putting roses on the side of a cake even with toothpicks and frosting. If they're on the bottom side she'd put them at a little bit of an angle with frosting so they were more like leaning on the cake. One time she made lots of leaves under them to help prop them up! You do a wonderful job! A great skill to have!