Sunday, January 30, 2011

Odds and ends...

I took the time to import my camera pictures today and, consequently, have a few to post from last week. :)

This is a sewing project I'm working on, a little dress to either go to friends or to be tucked away in my hope-chest (I haven't decided which yet!)

My piano, with it's shining job... (and my music and crocheting project stacked up on top!)
Andrew, fixing up computers to sell...

Anyone want to swing? Be sure to bring your tall snow boots!

As Winter goes along, we watch this big tire tank sink deeper and deeper into the snow... It's a good thing that Spring is coming. :)
I think Millie's looking forward to Spring too. (She likes to sit on top of the bench we have out on the deck, which happens to be right outside of our kitchen window. She's surprised me a couple times already when I turned to see her looking in...)

This was a present we found in our mailbox yesterday. It had a note written on the outside wrapper: "Thanks for pulling me out when I got stuck. Your mailman."
Anytime, Mr. Mailman. ;)
Mom mixed up a wonderful batch of blueberry muffins on Friday and they disappeared so quickly,
that I decided to make some more today!
Oh, and this picture was taken the day that the tractor broke down and the guys had to figure out some way to unload the bales so they could go get another load of hay and then bring the other 9030 loader tractor home.... (Can you see Millie and Lady in this picture? How about my dad and Andrew?)

I gave Lady a bath today and she took it very well. I think my mom got some pictures, so those may get posted here sometime...
We also separated milk/cream again today and have 5 quarts of cream on hand. Yummy!
After our noon meal was over, we all sat down and read and discussed the home school bill that's being proposed...
Also, as a FYI, all North Dakotan home schoolers are being encouraged to attend the "Home School Day At The Capitol" this Thursday! I was able to trade days with a coworker (at my CNA job in town), so I'm planning to be in Bismarck and hope to see many of my ND readers there as well! Click HERE to learn more.~
And that's about all I have for tonight.
Blessings to you all as you do the things the Lord has for you to do this week.


Sonja said...

Love the photos! :-) You all sure get a lot of snow!

Wish I could come up there and meet you! :-)

Stacey said...

What a CUTE little dress, Cora! Now I'm all inspired to make some pretty little dresses for my best friend's newborn baby girl. :-)

Oh, and I LOOOOOVE the cowgirl doll on top of the piano!!!!!!!! That just makes me happy! :-D