Saturday, January 8, 2011

A belated New Years treat...

The K. family had invited us to their house last week, but due to some less than desirable weather, we took a snow-check and stayed at home. We were able to go down today and had a very nice time, playing games; eating good food; and visiting. Here Mr. K (red shirt), my brothers, Dad and I were playing a game of Agricola. It lasted a couple hours! James K. (red, blue and white shirt) had fun playing with the extra pieces...

*Can you tell we were thinking hard?*
Once that game was over, we all ate some homemade ice cream and then started in on a fun game of Taboo. The guys beat us ladies by 4 points, so they were well pleased. :)

Thank you again, Lane & Sarah (and little ones) for a splendid time!

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Anonymous said...

Nice post, Cora!
Good things are worth waiting for, aren't they?
The ice cream was fantabulous--as usual! Thank you!!!!!!!