Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Locked in!

It was nice outside today. So nice, in fact, that it must have thawed some water that was in the outside doors' doorknob, and then, when it started to cool down again, that bit of water obviously froze... Consequently, when Dad tried coming inside after working in the shop, he was locked out. He and Jacob got the door open though, after taking the doorknob apart. When Dad, Jacob and I were going out to do the evening chores however, we were locked in, again. We walked through the kitchen and dining room and went out of the patio door, only to go around and find that the door opened from the outside. Strange!

Andrew went with Mother to Bismarck today, as he was looking at spending some of his computer-fixing-then-selling money, but the item he was hoping to purchase was already sold, so that didn't happen. He still ran errands in town and helped Mom with some technical things in her office.

I was looking at some recipes that my friend, Rachel (at Young Homemakers) recommended on her blog and would like to try this one: Butterscotch Pudding. I'd like to make it with honey though and am wondering if any of my readers have ever made pudding by using honey in place of sugar? If so, did it thicken alright? I also hope to try the Gooey Butter cake recipe sometime... I think Sally Fallon would like this cake (as well as some other people I know!) :)

Well, it's getting late once again, so I'll wish you all a good night. Millie is barking outside again (maybe at that fox we saw out in the cornfield today?), and Lady always gets excited when she hears that. She's whining right now, but I know that if I let her outside, she'll be whining in a few minutes because she's cold and wants back in again. Such is dog nature...

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