Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh deer!

I wish I had had my camera along tonight as I drove home! As I turned onto the road leading to Kintyre, I could see (it's very bright out tonight!) literally 100+ deer grazing and lying in the corn field close to the road. I feel sorry for the wildlife during this season of very cold and very snowy weather! Just to give some of my non-Northern friends a pictures of what it's like out there, I'll tell you a little story....

A couple of afternoons ago, we received a phone call from a passer-by, saying that a few of our cows were out. She said that one had been on the road and, when they got up close to it, it plunged into the ditch which is, quite literally, FULL of snow! The cow sank down in the snow but through her floundering, she did manage to get back out. (Andrew went then with the snowmobile and chased the naughty cows back in where they belonged.) It snowed another half inch or so today and they're talking about more snow in our near future. Such is life in ND~

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