Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Andrew has returned!

He made it just in time for the 7:00PM JBS Constitutional training/meeting in Napoleon, which Mom and I also attended.  Dad was still working on cultivating corn and Jacob stayed home to do the milking and etc...    I learn more every time I listen to the class.  I just wish more people were aware of these things that it used to be rare to find a person not well versed in!  I still have so much to learn, I know.

The first part of the day though, after milking Sally this morning and taking care of the turkeys, I spent watching "My" girls.  :)   We had a little band going, mainly with a slide whistle and train whistle. 

I need to get to bed now though, as I'll be watching them again in the morning... 

I do have a prayer request before I go....  Just recently, we found out about a bug that is wiping out people's alfalfa in our area.  Dad just a couple days ago discovered the signs of this bug infestation in our alfalfa too.  The leaves are turning black.  This could be very devastating in so many ways.  Please pray for us to have wisdom in how to deal with this---if there is a way?  Anyone have ideas?

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