Friday, June 8, 2012

The turkeys are ALL outside tonight!

This has been a very busy day! 
My dad went to Bismarck this morning for a dentist appointment and to get some supplies, amongst them, a window for my car!  He saved me a lot of money by finding one at a junk-dealer.  It was tinted, so he and the boys got that all scraped off of there and installed my window this afternoon.  Hooray!!!  I LOVE living with handymen.  :)

Mom spent a good portion of her afternoon going through beef, deciding what was fit for humans and what was only good for dog/cat food, as Jacob discovered this morning that, somehow, our freezer in the shop got unplugged and the meat was thawing/thawed.  Not good.

I planted the pepper plants Mom bought a while back. 

The boys, Mom and I worked on getting a pen ready for the older batch of turkey babies (they're over half grown already!) and then the boys caught the turkeys one by one and held them so I could clip one side of their wing feathers (something we'd never done before, but I found a good explanation on a you-tube video!).  We want them to stay in their pen!  So far, it's working.

Then, we moved the pen to a nice grassy area, washed the waterer out and moved the baby turkeys out of our kitchen into the bright sunny world.  At first, they were petrified and just stood in a group, not moving.  But, by tonight at chorestime, they were all milling about, pecking at the grass or their feed and checking out their wings.  Hopefully they'll huddle together tonight and stay warm enough.  It's pretty nice out now (I'm leaving my bedroom window open all night), so they should be ok.

Mom and I (and Jacob, a little bit) cleaned the house (even under the kitchen sink) and cooked a feast. 

The boys worked on Andrew's newest pickup for most of the morning.

The guy who was interested in trading vehicles with Andrew came again today and they did the swap.  He brought a friend along and that young man now wants to buy our old Ram, but he has to wait until he gets his paycheck to pay for it, so they'll be back again sometime next week.  He has another friend who may be interested in Andrew's Charger.  As the saying goes, "It's not what you know so much as who you know".....  

I'm trying to remember what else went on around here today..........  Let's see.... 

I discovered a couple of strawberries that are turning red!  

Oh, and I went in the ditch with the 2-wheel drive pickup this morning, as the trail up to the pasture is so very muddy and I just slipped in.  Thankfully, I wasn't going too fast, so it wasn't really dangerous and, thankfully, after a lot of  rocking the pickup back and forth (the ditch was wet and muddy from the rain last night) and maybe some pushes from angels, I got out again, so I didn't have to call someone to come pull me out!

Also, one of the rosebushes in front of the deck decided to bloom this year!  This is our 9th Summer here and this is the first time it's bloomed!  Why did it decide to this year?  I have no idea...

Well, that's all I'm coming up with now.  I guess that's enough for one day!


The K. Family said...

Interesting about your rose bush. We have an apple tree that's about 13 years old and this is the first year it's gotten apples on it! Maybe it's the early spring / lack of winter. Still waiting for my peony plant to bloom. For years now it's gotten really nice big buds on it but they never open.

Cora Beth said...

That is strange! One other odd thing about this year is that our tulips didn't bloom (well, I guess we did have 1 blossom). Last year and the year before, we had hundreds of tulips.

Well, enjoy your apples! Our trees are very full this year too. PTL!