Saturday, June 9, 2012

A home, cars, and a job for the police...

This afternoon, after resting; worshipping; singing and the like in the morning, we decided to head out on a short road trip....

When my parents attended a recent funeral, they sat and ate with some friends and also some friends of their friends.  These friends (once removed ;) ) mentioned that they'd recently built a house and needed to sell their double-wide mobile home now.    Andrew's at the age where he's thinking about getting his own home, so we went down to Westfield to look at it.   We visited for a while too, so it was not a short stop!   Andrew's not sure what he's going to do yet.  The house was really nice, but he'll have to talk to movers to see how much that would move a house 60+ miles.

From there, we pulled into Ken's Auto (they sell vehicles that have been in accidents), just to look at all their vehicles.  That was actually fun and I have some pictures, but haven't uploaded them yet.  I'll post them another time.  There was this one really red car that was so very short---even for me it would be short!  No wonder it got into an accident...  The person behind the car couldn't see it ahead of them! 

After that, we decided to stop in at our Temvik property to pick up the oars we had stored there (to use with the duck-boat) for some inflatable rafts we had over at our other farm.  When we drove up to our house, we noticed that a former neighbor had fenced around our house property and had a horse in there, right by our house!  He kind of put up a little wire partially around the house, but the horse could just walk onto the porch if he wanted to.   Not right.  As my dad has had dealings with this fella before, he decided it would be best to call the Sheriff.  While we waited for a Deputy to arrive, we went exploring inside.  Jacob didn't really remember it, as he was pretty small when we'd left, and I guess he hasn't been along when we've stopped there for things before.  Our former large, beautiful blue house is pretty much ruined now, due to 13 years of not being lived in (shingles blew off and the rain did major damage).    It's pretty much in the same condition we found it in when we moved in 20 years ago and started remodeling it.   It was a hard thing to leave that home after spending so many happy years in that house (Jacob was actually born there), but we really wanted to have animals and, living in town, even a small town has its limits to that.  So, we all agreed we wanted to raise animals more than we wanted to stay in our big house, and then rented a farm for 5 years.  From there, we wanted to buy that farm, but it wasn't for sale to anybody, so we looked around and found the farm God had for us----our current home.  We never sold the big blue house as we always wanted to move it, but that all takes money, and now it will probably have to be torn or burned down----after we take the good windows out. 

But, about the fence....  The Deputy Sheriff came and got the needed information.  He was just about to go when a pickup, pulling a stack-mover with a load of hay on it, came driving up the gravel street.  (Yes, Temvik is a VERY small town---maybe 7 people living there now?)  It "Just so happened" (actually, I know it was God that brought him!) that it was the man who owned all the animals that are all over town, and who'd done the fencing around our property without asking.  The Deputy talked to him and then had Dad come over and they talked for a while.  The man said he just wanted to keep the grass down, but agreed he was in the wrong for not asking, and he said he'll take the fence down.  The Deputy told us he'll check next week to make sure it's been done.  He also had further business with the man, as he'd fenced off/over one of the roads in town so his animals could graze there too.   Hmmmm....  

So, it was an interesting day!  My dad bought us a treat of ice cream bars at the grocery store in Linton and we got home just in time for evening chores. 

I'll try to post pictures soon.~

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