Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hmmm... Do our local policemen think of us as friends or pests?

Either way, we seem to be keeping them busy here lately!

I wrote about our police incident yesterday (with the fence)...      I believe I told you a few weeks ago about Andrew having a Deputy come out to inspect 2 recent pickup purchases, to clear their titles...  Then too, I'm pretty sure I wrote about a neighbor and my dad talking to the Sheriff because of not being able to reach the farmer whose spray drifted on a very windy day and killed several acres of our crops...  

 Well, today Andrew got a call from the Logan County police officer as he was wondering if Andrew was aware that his pickup was sitting in West Lake (by Napoleon)?  Andrew had to then explain how he just traded that pickup to a fella on Friday, so it no longer is his pickup and no, he did not know that!  My parents and Andrew were planning to drive to SD to look at another double-wide mobile home this afternoon anyway, so they took pictures of the spot where the pickup had been.  It didn't look like it was in too deep of water, so hopefully there was no damage done.

Andrew later received a call from the young man who now owns the pickup, as I guess he wanted to apologize/explain.   Apparently, he'd driven a friend to Braddock last night for a concert that was being held there, and then, on the way home at 2:00AM, he fell asleep and the pickup went in the water.  He claims he was not drunk? 

So, hopefully, that's all the dealings with the law that we'll have to have for a while now! 

I spent a good portion of the day over with the neighbor girls.  Their dad had made chicken with Fajita seasonings on it which I'd never had before, but which was very good!   The girls and I went for a walk in the afternoon (meaning I pushed them in the stroller) and then we just sat on the grass for a while and enjoyed the cooler day, until Tracy Jo got hungry again.  :)

We had a turkey loss during the night.  ;(   Somehow, one of the corners of the pen came open enough for several to get out.  Whether they died in the rainstorm then or from the dogs and cats, we're not sure, but my family couldn't find 10 of them after searching all over.  2 of the ones they did find were nearly dead from cold and wetness.  They brought them all back inside to warm up and 1 of the 2 made it and the other did not.  So, I believe that leaves us with 10 live small turkeys.  The others from the first batch are still doing well, as far as I know.  Sad!  I'm thankful there are some that pulled through anyway.

God has a plan and, even when we don't understand it, we can trust Him.~

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Tamera said...

I'm sorry about the turkeys. Poultry sure can be determined to die, can't they?!?!