Thursday, June 21, 2012

"Hello, is there an Andrew Bornemann there?"

....asked the person who called and talked to Mother today.   They wanted to know why Andrew still had his car in the Prairie Knights Casino parking lot and could he please come get it?   Well, it's probably because it is NOT Andrew's car anymore (he sold that one several months ago)!   Don't people get their titles transferred over anymore these days?  Hmmmmm....

I spent the morning weeding/tilling in the garden, then went over to babysit for the afternoon.  This evening, the boys and I put the boards on the ropes to make our swings.  This time, there are several sizes of swings (for all heights) and, in place of one swing, Andrew put a wooden bar to swing/do tricks on.  We'll have to swing on them a while now before cutting the ropes off so we can readjust them as the ropes stretch out. 

Dad baled hay all day and the boys cut hay for most of the day.  They might be able to finish the first cutting tomorrow!    Mom kept busy with laundry and getting odds and ends done, trying to prepare for company on Saturday (the Keisters, who now live in SC, are coming to visit friends in ND!).  Sarah already has green bean to put up from her garden and peaches too!  Occasionally I think it would be nice to live somewhere warmer.  :)

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Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

That's amazing. :) that your friends are coming up from down here! That is a long drive for sure!
We would have green beans, first if we were punctual in planting, and if the rabbits hadn't eaten our plants! Well, we did get some from our friend Ellen, who we're building for. Praise the Lord. :) It's so lovely to live in the south. We'll be travelling down to get some peaches from our old home, this weekend, Lord willing... our peach tree doesn't produce well. Anyways, it's interesting to know that your friends have green beans! I wish we did. :) Love Carra