Thursday, June 7, 2012

Eggsplosion in the kitchen!

Phewwy!  While watching a movie tonight, we pushed the pause button upon hearing a loud "Pop" coming from the kitchen.  After Mom looked around briefly and didn't see anything, we got back to our video.  Then, not too much later, my dad all of a sudden said "An egg exploded"!  He was sitting closest to the kitchen I guess and smelled it first.  Yuck!   Apparently, someone gathered an egg that was at one time being set on, as the inside of the egg was all black.  Gross.

Outside of that, this day was pretty nice and the RAIN was WONDERFUL!!!   So needed.  Not on the newly cut-down alfalfa, mind you, but even at that, our guys are saying it is WONDERFUL!  We needed rain so badly here.  Thank you, LORD!  The boys think that newly cut alfalfa is a rain magnet?

I watched "My" little sweeties again today.   We're thinking little Tracy Jo is starting to teeth now, so she was uncomfortable the first half of the day, but seemed to improve as the day went on.  Johanna was tired this morning, but took a very long nap this afternoon and woke up all sunshiny, ready to play "Catch-me-if-you-can"!

Andrew had a guy come look at his pickup today and that young man has a friend who may also be interested in buying Andrew's Charger.  Time will tell....

Life is never ever dull around here, for which I'm grateful!

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Dawn Bornemann said...

I, too, am very thankful for the rain. Glad that those teeth settled down! Did you ever share about Hylands Teething Tablets? I would have lost my mind without them. I suppose that cortices would help too.
Nice post.
PS. It seems strange that your dad smelled it before me as my sniffer is usually the one that picks things up first.