Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A fun day!

It was warm out, so Johanna and I splashed and splashed in her little swimming pool this afternoon.  I think my skirt was nearly as wet as she was!  Little Tracy bounced in her bouncer while we played, although she did enjoy getting her feet wet also when I held her.  Johanna was having so much fun that, even after an hour and a half, she wanted to play some more, but by that time, Tracy Jo was hungry, so it was time to get dried off and head inside for a bottle of milk. 

After Tracy (their dad) got in for supper at 6:00PM, I headed over to visit my newest friends, Lauretta and Sarena.  I had thought to be there just a little while, but we got to talking and looking at pictures, and I actually just got home a few minutes ago!   We shared stories over cups of home-made Sassafras tea.  :)    *Giggles*    Just so you know who I'm talking about, here's a picture Mom snapped of us at Prairie Days....  (I'd only just met Lauretta 2 days before this picture was taken, but we met Sarena a couple months ago, when she came to buy a computer from Andrew.)  They grew up similarily to how I did and have many of the same beliefs, so we have lots to share about.  I'm just so glad we met!!!   My friend/boss, Paula had also told me about these young ladies (as they're neighbors), but I'm not sure if I'd have met them if it wasn't for the computer deal?   God truly does work in mysterious ways.~


Savories of Life said...

Looks like funDeuteronomy 6:12 Then beware lest thou forget the LORD…
We must love the holy word of God with all our soul and mind and consider the Bible a very precious book, a treasure which surpasses all others in teaching, encouraging and comforting.
In 1764 the Colony of Connecticut sated “It being one chief project of that old deluder, Sathan, to keepe men from the knowledge of the scriptures, as in former time.

Cora Beth said...

It was fun! Thanks for the reminder... We actually talked a lot about God and the Bible and the contents thereof. :)