Friday, June 29, 2012

What did we do today?

  • Dad hauled grain again for a farmer
  • Mom, Jacob and I mowed all the lawn (and Andrew did a little trimming)
  • Andrew baled the ditch hay
  • Watered the garden and strawberries
  • Transplanted a few tomatoes
  • Weeded in the greenhouse
  • Tilled a little
  • Cleaned the house---tidied up, dusted, vaccumed, swept, scrubbed, polished and shined.....
  • Made 2 pans of Shepherds pie and 1 chocolate cake
  • Did chores x2
  • Watered all the house plants
  • Andrew worked on cleaning up the basement even!
  • Moved Dad's swing under the trees, after pruning off branches that were in the way
  • Added some kitchen scraps to the compost bin
  • Washed, dried, and folded several loads of laundry and put them away
  • Changed around the sticky traps in the house to catch more bugs that have a way of getting in
  • Mom had a client here, so we had to set up the massage table, then take it down again
  • Mom and I played a few songs in our new patriotic piano duet book
  • The boys went over and stacked bales by Hazelton this morning
  • Set the table this evening---the fancy way (with my mom's grandma's china)
  • Ate our feast
  • Watched a movie
  • Said our prayers
  • Headed for bed
That's all.  :)

  We give thanks to the Lord often for keeping us safe as we do our work.~


Savories of Life said...

What did we do today?( yesterday)
Dad worked then worked on our compressor
My mother mailed some boxes
our grass is to dry to cut as our heat the past two days has been around 106F
My brother Samuel studied
Watered the garden and strawberries
cleaned the yard
wrote a few letters
cleaned house
cleaned my room, dusted, swept, did laundry
my sister sewed
my other sister out some cards up for sale
little ones played in the kids pools
Katia 5 got her first bee sting
Added some kitchen scraps to the compost bin
Washed, dried, and folded several loads of laundry and put them away
cleaned the play room a little
did my quiet time
read a heath book
read to my little sister
took a nap
sat out in the sun
ate dinner cooked out on the camp fire
Headed for bed

come over!

Cora Beth said...

I'd love to come over. Only, I'm too busy to fly currently. ;)

*~Virginia~* said...

oh wow....just from your list of to-do things, I'd say you're pretty busy! :D

Dawn Bornemann said...

WOW, Cora, did we do all that? No wonder we're tired at night. ;)
Thanks for all that you do around here--especially using that new tiller!!!
Love you, cutie!