Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"What happened to your car window, Cora?"

That's what my dad asked me this morning after coming in from outside.  I really don't know what happened and neither does anyone else.  Just sometime between last nights' chores and this mornings', the passenger-side rear window imploded!    Now I have 2 windows that need fixin'.....(The other one just doesn't go up and down.)

Our Organic inspection went really well, thankfully!  :)   The inspector came at 10:00am this morning, and didn't leave until nearly 2:00pm.  She joined us for a quick lunch.

We're quite excited about the prospect of Andrew returning home tomorrow! 

Also, tomorrow, my parents will go to our friend, Jeff M.'s dad's funeral in Napoleon, and then tomorrow evening at 7:00pm, we'll attend the first of a set of three "Constitution teaching" meetings, taught by our friend, Mr. Stevens (from Jamestown).   Everyone is most welcome to join us there (at the old school building in Napoleon.)

Jacob took all the guards off the hay-head this afternoon to replace them.  Dad went to a local meeting tonight about web-water.  Mom kept busy with household chores.  I worked in the greenhouse and tilling in the garden until it started to rain for a bit.  I'm also working on getting a big area smoothed out (it has a lot of big clumps of sod/weeds that won't break up) so we can plant our squashes there..... 

The little turkeys are cheeping and cheeping.  They don't like their light being turned off at bedtime, but eventually they do settle down and go to sleep, thankfully!


The K. Family said...

I'm glad you weren't in it, Cora! God is protecting you!

*~Virginia~* said...

oh wow!!!! Sorry to hear about your car window...
Has your farm been organic for awhile or is that something that you're just getting into?

Cora Beth said...

Yes, HE certainly is!!!

Virginia, I think we've been farming Organically for 13 years now. Something like that. That's counting the 3 year transition time. When we moved to our current farm 8 years ago, we had to go through that process again, but thankfully we were able to keep farming some of the land we were renting before, so had that Organic income. How about your family?