Thursday, June 14, 2012

Big floppy feet!

We're in the process of making something special for Prairie Days this year and it has something to do with the title of this blogpost!    You'll have to wait a few days to find out what "It" is though (or come to Prairie Days and find out in person.  ;)  )

Andrew went to Bismarck this morning to have his pickup worked on (there are a few limits to his shop-skills, or is it his tool supply?) and to pick up some groceries we need for this weekend.  Dad loaded up the loader bucket and hauled it to the Wald Brothers, so they can do some heavy-duty welding on it (it was starting to crack along a seam and needed to be fixed before hay-stacking begins!)

Later, Dad and Jacob went up to the pasture and went around the next cell fence, then moved the cows by themselves too.  Mom and I cleaned the kitchen up (it was a disaster!); made some Sky-high biscuits; and I weeded inbetween the rocks out front while Mom placed an online order for some fly-war weapons (aka: fly traps of various sorts!).

This afternoon, Dad cultivated corn; Jacob and I mowed around the house and I mowed the playground area.  The boys put more string in the weed-wacker for me and I wizzed around everything for about an hour.  They also got the push-mower running so I could go under the trees a bit.  Then the guys worked on the big baler.  Mom was working inside.  Later, I gave Jacob a haircut.  OH, and we moved the 2 bottle-calves down with the turkeys in the nice grassy pen.  What else?  Dad put the other loader on the tractor and then lifted Andrew and a ladder up to the top of the swingset so Andrew could get the ropes down.  We need to make new ones and hope to do that at the Dagley's this weekend, as their rope-maker is nicer than the one we borrowed to make the other ropes 3 or so years ago.  (We needed the little rings at the top-end of the ropes to make the new ropes with).  Then this evening, we made Big Floppy Feet, but, as I said before, I'll tell you about that another time!   I hope to get a big picture-post posted here soon.  I've been working on it for a couple days now.......

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Rachel said...

Well you certainly have *ME* intrigued! ;) Lol! I can't deicide if it's a funny name for a recipe or some new silly footwear for a game, or, or...I have no idea. :D Can't wait to see what it is!

Wow, life is always busy on y'all's farm. :) Hehe. Glad to see you are doing well my friend. {Hugs} Miss you!

Have a delightful time at the prairie days again this year! :D

Love and Prayers,