Monday, June 18, 2012

A post about Prairie Days 2012~

This is just a start.   We have over 450 pictures between the 3 of us photographers!

The 3-legged races were very fun!  (I'm way on the right in a green dress, paired up with my new friend, Lauretta in the yellow blouse and green skirt---and no, we didn't win, as we almost ran over somebody when we turned around to head back!)
 Andrew and Michael tied in the gunny-sack race!
 Here is a picture of "The big floppy feet". (They're not actually floppy so much as awkward, but that's an inside joke, so you'll just have to wonder).   When you work as a team, this isn't so hard to do...
 ...But, if you don't:
Freshly squeezed Lemonade anyone?
 Lining up for a relay race....   We split up into 4 teams.  When "Ready, set, go" was called out, one person from each team filled a cup with water, then ran to the other end and dumped it into the pail on the other end of the playing field, then ran back and gave the cup to the next teammate so he or she could do the same, the goal being to get your teams' pail full first.
Needless to say, there were probably a lot of young people with aching leg muscles today from all the running we did between the 2 days! 

To be continued another day.......

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Rachel said...

I want to try one of those 3-legged races sometime...:)
Looking forward to seeing more pictures from Prairie Days! I would love to go looks like so much fun:)
P.S. I like your new background! Very pretty and summery looking:)