Friday, June 15, 2012

It's been such a BUSY day!!!!

I need to get to bed right away, so as to be refreshed for a full day of fun and busyness tomorrow, so I'm just going to post all these pictures and, if you have any questions about the pictures, just leave me a comment and ask....  ;)   I won't be blogging tomorrow, as my dad is staying home to DO ALL THE CHORES so the rest of us can go to Prairie Days and camp overnight!!!!!!   How nice is that? 

We'll have a special treat in that 2 young ladies (sisters) who are kind of neighbors to us are going to go along.  We just met the one sister today and have talked to the other one a couple times, so it will be really a nice way to get to know each other better!

I'd best be off.  I still have a little packing to do....  Until after Prairie Days then~



Anonymous said...

Tell me about that beautiful house...

Cora Beth said...

That big, beautiful house was my home for 7 years of my life. I should post a before and after picture from when we first got there until when we left! Sadly, even though it looks fine from the outside, the entire inside is falling apart and is moldy. :(

Anonymous said...

Why a dirt road picture? Am I missing something?

That's not your car, is it? Were you out car shopping with Andrew?

What are the goats doing in an upper room?

Was it too cold for baby turkeys outside that you brought them in the house?

Did you just put up a new area for baby turkeys to get outside?

What was planted in front of your cars?

Cora Beth said...

Dear Anonymous,
Thanks for all your questions! ;)

Here are my answers...

The muddy dirt road was just showing the worst spot I drive through to get to my work. Sometimes, I have to take my brothers pickup, as my car probably wouldn't make it.

NO, that is not my car and yes, I/we were out car shopping or dreaming with Andrew a while back. I just thought it was such a cute, short car and wanted to have my picture taken with it.

The goats are actually jumping on the door to the pole-barn which the wind ripped off in a crazy windstorm. The kids love jumping on anything, but especially if it makes such loud noises!

Yes, it was too cold to put the baby turkeys outside, so for the first couple of weeks, they stayed under a heat-lamp in our kitchen.

The area where the baby turkeys are in (in the orange fence) is the same spot I had my first batch of turkeys in. They got moved out to a bigger pen.

And lastly, there were flowers (Petunias, Begonias, and one other one) planted in the brake-drum/flower planters. Sadly, the turkeys came along and pulled several of the flowers out. :(

Hope that answered your questions! :)