Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The worst weeding is finished!

 I spent most of this day pulling weeds.  Now almost everything is completely weeded.  Hope it stays that way.  ;)  I also made a batch of ice cream when I was hot and tired, so everyone appreciated that at the end of the day!
Millie was barking at something this afternoon, and kept barking, so I went to investigate.  I found her at the bottom of the light-pole, with a squirral "Treed" up there.

OK, so here's what the garden looked like when I still had a few beds to weed: (Yes, the sweetcorn is knee-high already.)
...and from another angle:  (I didn't take any when I was finished.)
I was so delighted when my yellow/peach rose bloomed today! (It smells so good!)

...and one of my mini-rosebushes bloomed too!

That's all for now....

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Dawn Bornemann said...

Hi Cora,
I'm sitting in the lobby of the Kelly Inn waiting for Ed so I thought I'd write and say, "Hi". Hi from Jacob and Ed says that he's sorry that he missed you.
Gotta go do Ed's session. See you later.