Tuesday, November 20, 2012

132, 133, ......136!

Yes, 136.  That's how many calves we worked today (with Jerome's help).  Working involves giving shots (the shots qualify even under organic standards); banding the bulls; pouring them (lice preventative); and taking any horns off (only 5 or 6 of those).  Oh, and there were some younger ones that we had to tag too and a few that we retagged.   By God's grace, we were all kept safe, outside of the usual bumps, scrapes, and sore muscles from doing out-of-the-ordinary activities.  It was a gorgeous day, weather-wise, and we finished before dark.  It's such a good feeling to have that done once again!

I missed my daily blogpost last night as the Internet was not working at all last night.  My family was busy working on the farm (and my dad hauled grain and bought some calf-working-supplies), and I spent the day from 9am to 7pm watching/caring for Johanna and Tracy Jo, then went over to Lauretta and Sarena's house to visit and get my every-now-and-then violin lesson.  :)  Two of their brothers were there too, so one of them played guitar while we girls played piano and violins.  Then, after a squash, milk, and apple pie supper, we headed downstairs for some ping-pong fun.  Still later, Sarena and I had fun playing about 10 piano duets together.  I got home a little after 11... 

Tomorrow, I'm going over to babysit again.  I hear that it's supposed to be lovely out again, so hopefully we can spend some fun time out of doors!

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