Monday, November 12, 2012

Andrew is 22 years old... of today.
I drove carefully over to work (and was a little late :(  ) as the roads were still slippery.  Paula was able to get off of work early, so she arrived while Johanna was still taking her afternoon nap and while I was rocking the sleeping Tracy Jo.   I'll try to post the picture of the cake I made for Johanna tomorrow.... 

I got home around 3:30 and helped to make the 2 pans of lasagna and our squash-apple dish----and helped with some cleaning too, as Lauretta and Sarena were going to come over as soon as they could.  Once we were done with the work we wanted to accomplish (and yes, Andrew helped, even though it WAS his birthday :) ), my dad, brothers and I headed over to the shop to play you know what.  When Lauretta and Sarena arrived around 5:00, we played ping-pong together until suppertime.  After eating and visiting, my friends offered to help with the barn chores, as they're used to that kind of thing.  As it was Andrew's day off from chores, I said I'd milk Sally tonight while my mom did the goat/turkey/calf chores.  We had to get oats first, so L. & S. helped me take several pails over to the grain-bin and filled them while Dad went for the tractor and came to pick the pails up in the loader.  After I got Sally in the barn, Sarena sat on one side of her and myself on the other and we milked---double speed.  :)   It's a good thing that Sally is not a fussy cow!   Lauretta fed Sally's calf it's 1 1/2 bottles of milk.  Then we carried up some water and hay for the 2 calves in that barn and were done with our part of chores.  My mom was done then too.  Once we got washed up, we played 3 different games, "Funglish", "30 second mysteries", and "Taboo".    Then we got to talking about cars and pickups and looking at vehicles for sale on-line and it was 11:00 when they pulled out of our driveway.  :)    It's fun to have friends come over!

I do believe that Andrew had a happy birthday.   I still can't quite fathom the fact that he's 22.  That's old!  :)

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