Thursday, November 22, 2012

I hope you all had a very happy Thanksgiving!

The first part of the day was a little harder to be grateful for than the rest, as we started the day by butchering 2 humongous turkeys.   Thankfully, Andrew cut the heads off---and helped with the rest somewhat too, when Mom and I were having too much trouble ourselves.  The largest one that we cooked up for our Thanksgiving supper weighed right in at 30 lbs!  My mom said the thing she was most grateful for today was that the turkey fit in the roaster pan AND in the oven!  :)  We were not able to make pie, as the oven was fully occupied, but we did make pumpkin pudding, and mashed potatoes and gravy, of course.    Yummy!  I do believe we were all stuffed after our delicious meal.

While my mom rested this afternoon, the rest of us played several games of ping-pong again.  My eye watered a good deal when the ball bounced off the table and hit me there, but other than that, it was lots of fun and I do believe we are improving...   Then, we went inside and played a board game (Carson City) with Mom and then the guys did chores while we ladies finished the last minute details for our feast.  After eating, we watched an old Doris Day movie (We Were Sailing Along), thinking it was the one about Thanksgiving, but it wasn't (that's the sequel, By The Light of The Silvery Moon). 

We really and truly are so blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    The Lord is so good to us.  

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