Thursday, November 8, 2012

"Baby, where are you?"

Those are the words Johanna repeated over and over while we searched the house for her baby doll, all spoken while wielding a flashlight------to search in all the dark corners or under cribs and the like.  :)    The girls are growing and changing so much!  Tracy Jo now takes a few steps on her own several times throughout the day and makes lots of unique sounds.  Johanna is learning how to share and takes pretty good care of her little sister, offering her food from her own plate and juice from her sippy cup...

When I got home, I quickly put something together for supper, as my mom and Andrew were in Bismarck all day and my dad and Jacob had been working outside all day, so I was the only one left to do so.  After eating, Jacob and I went out into the dark and did the evening chores.  It was cold out, so Sally was not standing at the barn door waiting but instead was waiting down in the pole-barn, so Jacob went and fetched her for me while I milked the 2 goats, and then I milked her too.  The cats are getting so fat again and even had milk leftover in the dish from this morning.  We feed Sally's calf 1 and a half bottles of milk twice a day and still have a couple of gallons left over after each milking and save it for separating or for drinking.  Milk is a blessing to have. 

It is supposed to be quite cold and possibly blizzardy tomorrow?

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