Sunday, November 25, 2012


I started a king-sized quilting project once upon a time.  After discovering it in one of my drawers a few weeks back, I've been working on piecing it together.  I was so glad to get the middle part completed this afternoon!   Now, I just need to figure out what to do on the sides, then buy some fabric for the border, and purchase some batting, and fabric for the back of it........  :)

Our guys were very busy this afternoon with cleaning away all the "Stuff" that was in front of the shop (meaning they moved lots of things away with the loader bucket) and it looks SO much better now!  They still have the other side of the shop to do, but they're well on the way to completing the task. 

My mom and I were busy in the kitchen this morning, thinking of ways to use up turkey...... 

We watched a really neat Christmas-y movie this evening called "Silent Night".    It was scary in several places, but very neat.  It was this one:

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