Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Some day I'll finish it!

I worked on my quilt again today.  I had hoped to put pictures on, but Blogger is giving me grief currently about my allotted picture space??? 

The others worked around the farm, all except for my dad who went to Zap and bought that grinder-mixer and drove it (slowly) home.  He stopped at the chiropractic office in  Bismarck and saw one of my best friends there!  If I'd known I could see Miranda, I would have hopped a ride!  :)

Please pray for all of us to be safe tomorrow, as we're going to be working with cattle again.  This time, we'll sort off all of the calves to wean them and then we need to pour (delouse-stuff) the cows and bulls and sort off some of the old cows to sell and haul them in to Napoleon.  I hope a warm wind decides to blow our way!


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Oh Cora... my blog has been doing the same thing!! Can't wait to see the pictures though! :) Love Carra

Cora Beth said...

I wonder what is going on, Carra? Hmmmm..... Thanks for letting me know that it's not just my blog that's having difficulties in this area! I wonder if I have to start a new blog to be able to post pictures?
Good night blessings to you,