Sunday, November 11, 2012

My hands are pink!

I baked and decorated a cake today for Johanna's 2nd birthday (which was today) and will take it over to their place tomorrow when I watch the girls.   Her cake is in the shape of a guitar, and yes, it does have pink on it.  I made a batch of marshmallow fondant for some of the decorating and had to knead in the pink and pink apparently is a very strong, staining color!  :)

Outside of my dad doing some fencing; the rest of us getting the kitchen back in order and making chicken/salsa/creamy soup; and doing a bunch of laundry once the cow's water-tank was full, (oh, and mom made some cottage cheese too), we had another family-fun day----playing Andrew's new game "Carson City" and later playing, yes, you guessed it, ping-pong in the shop.  My mom wasn't feeling the best (general achiness) so she decided to take a nice warm soak for a couple of hours while the rest of us pinged and ponged. 

Getting to work tomorrow could be a slow process, as the gravel is still very icy under the snow...  SO, I'd best get to sleep so I can get up early and wrap Johanna's present and load up the cake and head west.  

God be with you 'til we meet again. ~ 

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