Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ping-pong, pickled beets, and Jesse J...

It was a somewhat busy day, although we took some time off to visit with a neighbor (Jesse J.) when he stopped in and to play ping-pong in the heated shop later in the afternoon. 

My mom and I got some beets cooking; made a batch of freezer-tomato-sauce; cleaned up the kitchen; and I baked 3 sour-cream-raisin pies.   It was Jacob's last day of being 16 years old.  :)  Tomorrow is his birthday, which means that he gets out of all chores (barn and house chores).  PLUS, he gets to choose his favorite meals to have and what game we'll play in the evening (or what movie we'll watch).  And then, in 1 week, Andrew will have all of these same birthday privileges.  :)

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