Friday, November 9, 2012


It was so cold out during evening chores that Andrew and I started singing Winter/Christmas songs.   It just seemed the right thing to do on such an evening as this!   We are in a winter-storm advisory now until Sunday evening, so maybe we'll get a blizzard even and can play some nice long games and drink hot chocolate and do outside chores in record times.  :)

My mom (and the boys some too) were busy with cooking and cleaning today and separating many gallons of milk again (and Mom made cottage cheese and buttermilk and sour cream).  I watched "my" little girls (Tracy Jo can now take a dozen steps together before tipping over!) for most of the day, arriving home at 6:00PM.   I had to drive slowly on the way home as it had been raining previously and the frozen rain made even the gravel roads slippery.  My dad worked on his semi, I think, and probably a lot of other things too.

Stay warm everybody!

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The K. Family said...

We're proably getting the same storm you are. Right now freezing rain is coming down making the milk truck late. We were all singing Christmas songs last night too!