Wednesday, November 28, 2012


That's all I hear right now.   Why?  Probably due to the fact that we spent the morning sorting off our calves and putting them in a pen (next to their mommies), consequently weaning them and neither the mamas or babies are thrilled with the new arrangement!  

It was a long day!  Not only did we do the above (after making sure the fence was calf-proof, of course), but then we spent all afternoon sorting through our cows and picking out 35 to sell.  They're just getting too old....   While my dad and Andrew hauled the cows to town, between batches, Jacob and I spent a lot of time thawing out the water-fountain that is in the calves' pen.  It hadn't been used for some time and the heater was not on, so it was pretty stuck.  I even found 2 frozen frogs in the fountain!  Yuck!!!  I like frogs, but not dead ones.  ;(

Thank you to those of you who prayed for safety, as one of the 3 wild cows (and yes, they all got hauled to town now to be sold tomorrow) very nearly knocked Jacob over!  Most of our cows are pretty mild, but those 3 just never got over their uppity ways.

The evening ended very well, as our friend, Lauretta came over for a while and stayed for supper and we watched a movie ("What If?") together.

It's a very good thing that we're all tired as it won't be so hard to ignore the bawling and fall asleep this way.   Good night~ 

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