Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I went to Hazelton to vote---twice.

I got up early this morning and drove the 20 miles to Hazelton to vote before going to work at my babysitting-job.  One of my family members had read on-line that voting would go from 7AM to 7PM, BUT, when I went in the city hall, I was told by a nice lady that someone had decided that our precinct voting wouldn't be starting until 9:00AM today.  SO, I put gas in my car; called my family to tell them not to head over to vote before 9; and drove to work.  Thankfully, Zach came in early to take care of the girls this afternoon/evening so I could drive back to Hazelton and actually vote this time (yes, they gave me a little sticker to prove that "I voted today").  It took some effort, but yes, I voted (and my parents and Andrew did this afternoon too)...   I'm not sure it did any good, from the sounds of things, but one has to try.

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