Thursday, November 29, 2012

Have YOU ever baked a flax cake?

I wanted to make some dessert this morning so we'd have some on hand, but I didn't have much time to (after placing the Azure order and making the rest of lunch; searching high and low for brand releases; and doing some other odds and ends), so I decided to bake a cake from a mix.  The only problem was that we are currently out of eggs.  Soooooooooooooo, I tried using an egg substitute---ground flax mixed with water.   The cake did not rise very well and falls apart, but it tastes good with lots of real-butter frosting on top.  :)

Right after lunch, (once my dad got home from Napoleon with my car, which he was so kind as to take and put gas in it as I was getting very low), I headed over to my boss/friends' house to watch the girls for 4 hours.  They napped a lot of the time that I was there actually, so I got caught up on some e-mailing and reading.  The girls are growing up so fast!   Johanna knows how to run some of the kid programs on her I-pad already (and she just turned 2).   Tracy Jo is walking confidently all over the house now...

When I got home, I thought for a minute that Andrew was either being robbed of one of his pickups (one across the road), or he was home early and was over there for some reason with his pickup and trailer.  It was dark and I couldn't see the pickup well, so I went to the house and called Andrew on his cell phone to see if it was him across the road.  My mom answered and said they were still in Bismarck, but she put Andrew on and he told me then that there were some guys coming to look at his 4-wheeler today and then they wanted to look at his pickup too, so my dad gave them the keys.  I was relieved then----just to know that those people were supposed to be over there. :)     It ends up that Andrew probably sold both the ATV and the pickup! 

I made some supper then and the 3 of us ate and did the outdoor chores.    When the 2 weary travelers returned, they showed and told us about the great bargains they got today through people they found on BisManOnline.    We thank God for that website!  :)

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Dawn Bornemann said...

I agree, Cora, that we'd be lost without BisManOnline! I'm also thankful that we live close enough to go and pick up things when they are avialable. It's also cool to sell things on BisMan. Andrew got paid $75 yesterday for an old frame of a motorcycle that somebody wanted for some reason. How cool is that? I'm especially fond of the giveaway section as yesterday it provided a "New" desk; office chair; and stack of chairs all for FREE. Thanks to Andrew for the legwork on that. Oh yes, how can I forget a $30 cash register? AWESOME!