Monday, November 26, 2012

Great day for the guys...

The boys were happy with sales they made today through BisManOnline and also some purchases....  I'll let them tell you about it though, as I'm sure they'll want to!  My dad was also happy to find a grinder-mixer machine for a reasonable price and is going to ZAP, ND to buy it tomorrow.  :) 

My mom and I had a good day too.  She worked at home and I watched "my" girls again.   Johanna was such a good helper, washing the dishes with me for nearly an hour (there weren't nearly that many dishes, she just likes to wash and rewash everything)!   She talks a mile a minute, though I still can only understand half of what she says.   Tracy Jo is starting to say a few words already too (Dada and Mama, oh, and puppy, kind of).  She spent about half an hour this afternoon just playing in a toy car, turning the steering wheel and bouncing on the seat.   We were also playing a game where I set her down in the kitchen, then she walked/waddled/crawled to her parents' bedroom, laughing all the way.  I'd go swoop her up in my arms and she'd giggle all the way back to the kitchen (where Johanna was still washing dishes).     They're too funny! 

Also, Jeff and his hired man, Gary came over and dug out the old pressure pump for our well and installed a new one.  Now we should be set to go for another 30 years.  :)

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