Saturday, September 12, 2009

84 points...

It was a lovely, quite day on our farm today, until about 6:30PM... At that time, my whole family and I headed out to our pasture to set up some targets and then we began practicing our skill with our .22 rifles. Andrew let me use his older gun this time, and I was happy that I did better than the last time I shot anyway. I still have MUCH room for improvement, as my total score on the one target was 84 points. Hopefully we'll have quite a bit more time to practice before our Appleseed Shoot on October 3rd and 4th!!!
Speaking of which, you're all invited to come to our farm and join us then for a wonderful time of learning...!!! I've been waiting for our event to be posted on the Appleseed website ( before I announced it, but as I've already waited a week and can't bare to wait any longer, I thought I'd tell you all about it. You can head on over to the website to learn much more about the Appleseed Project, (ours should be listed very soon...) and/or you can watch the following video about "Appleseed in the news".

We'd LOVE to have you join us!!!


Anonymous said...

You shoot? That's interesting. I never would have guessed! Never laid hands on a gun in my life. :)

Cora Beth said...

Yes, my family and I believe that everyone should know how to handle a gun and at least be able to shoot fairly accurately :) --for the sake of self-defense--be it from people with bad intentions (we hope things don't get that bad!)or from wild animals... We also use our rifles to keep our gopher population down in our pastures so that there don't get to be so many holes everywhere. :)

Say, if you come to our Appleseed, I'll be sure that you get one of the extra guns some friends are bringing along for that purpose. :) I'm guessing you live a bit too far away though--and perhaps you have other views on the subject anyway?