Wednesday, September 16, 2009


It's finally official!!!!! ---We're hosting an Appleseed Shoot at our farm the first weekend in October! We'd LOVE to have you join us!
Women, children, and military people are free; men over the age of 21 need to pay $70 for both days or $45 if they're attending only one day. (You get a free T-shirt if you come both days. :)
Bring your .22 and lots of shells and be prepared to learn much and to have a great time! We have room for people to camp-out in our yard, or there are campsites in nearby towns. If you'd like to come, you'll need to register on the site (;prev_next=prev#new) --the sooner the better, as the instructor needs to order materials in before the shoot...
I'd very much like to have you come learn with us, (to improve your aim and to learn some of the history of great riflemen in our country,) and to fellowship with us! Of course, I know that it won't be possible for all of my blogging friends to come because of the miles between us, but if this sounds of interest to you, perhaps you'd like to check the Appleseed website ( for a shoot in your area?
We'd appreciate prayers for nice, sunny weather the days of the shoot and also, it would be great if you'd spread the word about our event!
.....And now, I'd best get busy, as there's so much to do...
~ Cora


Rachel said...

Wow! Sounds like fun! :) Hope you all enjoy it!

I awarded you on our blog, go check it out! :)

Love and Hugs!

Miss Jen said...

How wonderful!!! :)

Many Blessings~ Jenny