Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An apple day~

Between making apple sauce; juice and jelly (apple-mint; apple-cinnamon; and just plain apple) today, I managed to get the kitchen smelling of apples! The entryway smells of them too, as Jacob picked up all of the apples that were under the tree and hauled them in onto the steps. I just love apples--even when they seem to be everywhere!!!

My brothers also picked a gallon of chokecherries this afternoon and Mother made juice with them. One of our favorite things to do with the juice in the winter-time is to make pancake syrup. Mmmmmm....

If you would, please pray for my dad, as he was feeling today like he was coming down with the flu, and he actually took a nap on the couch---something VERY rare for him. I think he's feeling better now, but if you'd just pray for "It" to be gone in the morning (and for the rest of us to stay well), that would be greatly appreciated!

I thought it was funny that I should get 2 calls for babysitting today--as I haven't done any babysitting all Summer! The sad part is that neither one is going to work out, so I don't get to spend time with little ones anyway... Hopefully it will work out sometime, as I love little people.

Well, I should probably head out to the kitchen to make sure everything is in the refrigerator that needs to be in and then head for bed. Tomorrow morning is going to seem to come very quickly, as we're all getting up early to get chores done so Mom and Andrew can be up in Bismarck by 9:00 for appointments. Want to come help? :)


Dilvin said...

yes I'd love to! But I live to far away.
Today Mama said it would be so nice to go to ND
We have only been to SD that was in 2004.
I like apples too! we just made cider this last week.
we like to make jelly with chokecherries.
How do you preserve the juice?

Well goodnight

Hannah said...

I love little people too!

Rachel said...

Oh, yum! Chokeberry syrup! Sounds delish! :D Can I come over and have some! ;) Lol! I love apple anything! Apple butter, apple pancakes, syrup, muffins, cider, etc....all good! ;D We didn't make any applesauce this year...maybe we still can, hopefully. We'll have to see. I love our homemade applesauce! We have been making it since I was little and we'd go pick apples and make applesauce with our grandmother. So many good memories! :)

Sorry you didn't get to babysit. I love little ones as well. So sweet! :)

Blessings and Hugs!